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Exploring your Creative Potential: An Interview with @tuf_girlz

Gina, creator of TUF Girlz, is the perfect example of a multifaceted artist. She is a dancer, a painter, a clothing designer... and more! Listen to learn about how she has been able to tap into her creative potential!

Awesome Footage of the @tuf_girlz creator being creative herself below!

"If you find yourself unmotivated by your norm tap into other joys of your life .. then circle back around .. I started this journey for fun and that’s how I wanna flow w/ it . My love and light shines through.." --@tuf_girlz


"LICK IT" magnets and stickers

"Create What You Wish"

Contact TUF Girlz!

Find her on Instagram @tuf_girlz

via email at

via text at 267-582-1407

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